About Us

We have developed the ideal hair care line designed especially for keratin-treated, color -treated, very dry, or damaged and overly-processed hair.

The Company:  Based in the U.S.,we have strong ethics & Italian high-quality standards.  Decades of experience in the PROFESSIONAL hair care market, we focus on Research & Development & keep an eye out to explore avante-garde technologies.                                                                         

The Formula:  Our proprietary formula of Hydrolyzed Keratin, Collagen & Argan Oil (from Morocco) protects, hydrates & nourishes hair from the inside-out to give it more softness, manageability & more shine .  

The Benefits:   Tames frizzy, “fly-away” hair • Hydrates very dry, damaged or treated hair • Protects from thermal styling tools • Prevents breakage & improves manageability • Intensifies shine & absorbs instantly.